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We provide our clients with the tools necessary to optimize the operations of their companies: in order to generate greater profitability and competitiveness within their market. Through our team of experts in consulting, we offer our clients the safety of addressing the challenges necessary to competitively compete and   strategically obtain the inherent benefits to sustain them in this ever changing market economy.   With the forthcoming changes to the insurance market landscape in 2014 and 2015 will bring many employers to a crossroad. As health care reform unfolds, markets evolve and costs continue to rise, employers will need to make important strategic decisions to actively manage their costs and figure out how best to respond to insurance-related provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA or the Act). Mtree Business Solutions stands ready to work collaboratively with organizations on moving forward and sustaining themselves.

We Provide Staffing Services to small to mid-size organizations providing health and human services.

We identify high calibre candidates for temporary and skilled labour job openings using a stringent hiring process that targets the capabilities and strengths of each potential candidate. mTree recruiters match candidates' abilities with available job openings, creating the optimal solution for both candidate and employer.

Our success and steady growth positions us to deliver remarkable solutions throughout New York State and  New Jersey with operations NYC and NJ, there's is a mTree Solutions  Representative ready to help you.


About Us

Forward thinking business solutions firm fostering partnerships with clients and staff to create leadership, vision and advocacy for the evolving health and human service economy.  We inspire individuals with diverse career backgrounds –to redirect; transition and utilize their prior work experiences, skill-sets, and knowledge base. MTree assist individuals in realizing their full potential and reinventing themselves to fit our changing economy.



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